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The Importance of having a logo for your business.

One of the most important aspects of your brand is your logo. It is key to have a logo that is memorable, grabs your clients’ attention, and embodies your vision for the business.

Throughout my career, I have created many different logos for various companies. I have found that in order to create the perfect logo, I tend to follow a certain process. As I start working with a client to develop ideas, I ask them a series of questions to understand how they wish people to see their business – what colors do they wish to use, for example? What types of fonts and other graphic elements might be suitable? I also find out what the company’s product and/or services are all about, and who their clients are. This background on the company is critical in helping to develop a great, recognizable logo that helps the client stand out from the competition and provides an instant connection between the company and its customers. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to capture the client’s vision, but the time spent is well worth it if the logo evokes a positive response with clients and helps to develop a strong brand identity.

Most consumers will not remember the name of a company as much as they remember the design element that goes with the name. For example, when Nike’s original logo – the swoosh symbol, representing the wing of the Greek goddess Nike, the deity of victory – was first introduced with the name NIKE on it, consumers immediately began associating the iconic design with the company. Soon, Nike stopped using the company name altogether and began using the swoosh symbol on its own. The logo is so simple, and yet it is one of the most recognizable – and successful – in history.

I would like to share with you the meaning of my logo and why I chose this design. My logo is a yellow and black, transparent butterfly with my name in a large font below and, finally, the service name below that. The butterfly is a symbol of my first child – a daughter – whom I lost as a stillborn in 2012. The butterfly is transparent since she is physically not here, but her spirit is; several Black Swallowtail butterflies fly around my home on any given day, which I associate with that daughter. My name is larger than the rest of the company's name so that people can easily remember it. Now that you know a little more about my own logo, I’m sure you’ll start to see logos that you like and wonder, what is the story behind that design?

Please contact me if you wish to discuss creating your own perfect logo.

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